Shredlights SL-R1 Single

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This light is an upgrade in almost every way compared to the SL-200. The Led is way brighter and hits 40 lumens. Combine this with the far focus lens optics and you have a light that is seen from over 2 km away even during the day.

The lens surface area has been maximized to take full advantage of the brighter LED's. This helps with visibility from the sides and makes it easy to see if your lights are still and in what mode they're in.

The S-Lock mechanism has been strenghthened by adding a third point of contact at the back of the light. This added stability really makes you feel the light click into place.

The SL-R1 lights come with USB-C charging. This way you can travel with less cables.

Everytime you turn off the light, the lens will light up to show the current battery level. This way you'll always know when to charge the light.



1 x SL-R1 Only