RipTide Bushing Kit - Boundmotor

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Dual kingpin bushing kit for Boundmotor Boards.

Bushing Duros Explained:

   APS 97.5a Box (Tightest) - Our hardest compound for riders looking for a very stiff setup with little carve and for our heavier riders.

   Krank 96a Box (Tight) - This is typically for 200lb+ (91kg+) riders or for riders who prefer a stiffer setup with more stability and less carve.  

   Krank 93a Box (Medium) - Riders around 150lb - 200lb (68kg - 91kg) will usually like this option and we recommend this the most.

For simplicity, we will refer to the bushing positions from Board-Side to Road-Side. So for the front, Front 1 is the bushing closest to the board while Front 4 is the bushing closest to the road. The Primary turning pair of bushings are Front 3-4 and Back 3-4 (Board-Side Pair) bushings while the Secondary turning pair of bushings are Front 1-2 and Back 1-2 (Road-Side).

We found the key to settling down your trucks is to keep the pair of Secondary bushings stiffer than the Primary bushings. When adjusting compression, start with the Secondary bushings first. The primary pair should initiate the turn, then the secondary pair should come into play when needed or wanted. This box setup provides agility and stability for your board.

The Pivot Cups Fit perfectly in these trucks and help provide a smoother and quieter truck.

Bushings: 9
Washers: 11
Pivot Cups: 4
Stickers: 4