K Ring - Contactless Payment Ring

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K Ring is the world's first contactless payment ring, powered by Mastercard and welcomed at over 40 million retail locations worldwide.

With K Ring, there's no need to handle cash or touch a PIN pad so you can leave your cards and phone safely in your pocket.

Engineered from scratch-resistant zirconia ceramic, K Ring is available in a wide range of sizes and colour combinations.

K Ring draws funds from the K Wearables prepaid virtual Mastercard. The Mastercard account can be managed online at the mobile-optimised website

Features and benefits

  • Leave cards, cash, wallet, purse and phone at home and still pay for stuff
  • Won’t be harmed by soap, water or hand-sanitiser, making K Ring a safer and more convenient way to pay
  • Easy access on London’s Tube and buses (works just like a contactless card on the Oyster reader)
  • No charging (draws power directly from the card terminal via electromagnetic induction)
  • Doesn’t need to be paired with a mobile phone to work
  • Secure: harder to lose than a payment card and almost impossible to skim card details from the chip without being noticed (need to shape the hand into the “Transmission Ready” gesture for the ring to connect to a reader of any type and you’re likely to spot someone messing about with your hand!)
  • Lustrous, high-quality finish
  • Scratch-resistant exterior made from zirconia technical ceramic (material used in the space shuttle and in nuclear reactors)
  • Hypoallergenic resin interior band, with a curved inner profile for extra comfort and to reduce sweat build-up
  • Hand-crafted in the UK