Boa Black Belly Steel Bearings

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Introducing our brand new Boa Blackbelly Steel Bearings. These Bearings are made to the same high precision tolerance as our Blackbelly Ceramic Bearings but are designed to be easy on the budget. They feature inbuilt spacers and speedrings that prevent the shields from being crushed from overtightening. They are filled with our industrial nano-ceramic grease used in our Blackbelly Ceramic Bearings. The nano-ceramic grease will help to polish the steel balls over time and keep them performing at their optimum. These are based on our years of experience making high-quality Bearings, tested by thousands of riders worldwide. They come packaged with a nice metal tin and foam insert to keep the Bearings nice and secure.

The Boa Black Belly Ceramic Bearings are featuring ultra strong silicon nitride ceramic balls that will resist corrosion and shattering for a lifetime of usage. The bearing housing is made of a corrosion treated steel and features rubber seals to keep moisture and dirt out. Each bearing is filled with a nano ceramic grease that helps keep the bearings running at their optimum.

With inbuilt spacers and speed rings, you won’t have to worry about losing them ever again, or messing with alignment of your spacers.