All Terain Conversion Kit - 6 & 7 Inch kit

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Convert your street board to an all terrain beast and get ready to hit the trails!

This kit contains everything you need to switch out your street board to an off roader that can handle parks, forrest trails and much more.  Choose between 6 inch or 7 inch pnumatic tyres to suit your style and pair up with a 66t or 58t pulley depending on your speed or torque requirements.

Each kit contains
  • 4 tyres - 6 or 7 inch version
  • 4 tubes - 6 or 7 inch version
  • 4 hubs with nuts and bolts
  • 2 belts to fit your chosen pulley
  • 2 pulleys - 55t or 66t version
  • 1 Pack of Zealous bearings
Now get ready to ride!