Shredlights SL-300 & R-1 Combo Pack

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A compact light kit with 600 lumens of headlight power to see up to 10m ahead and be seen from over 2 km away.
Each SL-300 now has a maximum power of 300 lumens.
Each R-1 is 40 lumens (up from 25 lumens on the SL200)

Stronger S-LOCK Mounting
We strengthened S-LOCK by adding a third point of contact to the mounts at the back of the light. This added stability and strength allows you to literally feel your lights click into place, so you know they are locked down and ready to shred.

More Durable Outer Shell
We used a new manufacturing process called over-molding which permanently bonds the outer rubber shell to the inner plastic housing. This new design offers increased durability, tear strength and water resistance.

Full Face Lens Design
We took advantage of the brighter LEDs by maximizing the surface area of the lens design. This helps increase your visibility from the sides and it’s easier to see if your lights are turned on, and which mode they are in. Plus, it looks way cooler.

IPX7 Waterproof Rating
With the new lens design and over-molded outer shell, the SL-300 and SL-R1 have an IPX7 waterproof rating which means they can be fully submerged in water 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

USB-C Charging
We listened to your feedback and upgraded to USB-C charging for a seamless experience across all of our lights. Now you can charge the SL-300, SL-R1, and SL-1000 with the same cable.

More Durable USB Cover
The charging port cover has been redesigned to be more durable to protect against rocks, debris and water that you might encounter while riding. It's easy to open for charging, and snaps back into place for a firm seal when it's time to ride.

2 x SL-300 white lights
2 x SL-R1 Red Lights
2 x Skateboard Mounts (optional)
2 x Dual USB-C Charging Cable

  • Compatible with all of the same S-LOCK mounts
  • Same size and shape to fit in all of the same places
  • Far Focus lens optics
  • Side button controls
  • 6 light modes and flash settings