DopeGrip™ Square Cut

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This version consists of two square sheets and fits:
- ANY Longboard shape
- ANY E-board shape
- OneWheel
- Monowheel
- etc.

Our secret pressure-sensitive cushion formula absorbs vibrations and adapts to your shoe under high pressure (e.g. cornering, braking, accelerating) giving you much better control over your board exactly when you need it! Of course, it also features our extremely rough grip tape.

Beginner or pro, you will feel like you own a new skateboard!

Size and Dimensions
    Hexagon Width: 7.84 cm × Length: 9 cm (3.54" × 3.09")
    Sheet Width: 25 cm × Length: 59.0 cm (9,84" × 23,23")

Super Grip
The special grained grip tape sticks to your shoe like crazy and makes slipping impossible in dry, wet, and dirty conditions.

Shock Absorbing
Rough roads? Not a problem! Our cushioning absorbs shocks helping you to stay on the board and prevent foot fatigue. Ride longer, ride harder!

Pressure Sensitive
DOPE GRIP™ adapts to your riding by creating a temporary micro-drop around your shoe that locks you in while you corner.