Skanunu 100% Lube

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Skanunu 100% Lube:

  1. Is 100% Lubricant: The same found in Skanunu Really Wet & Slippery Bearing Cleaner & Lube
  2. Is a High Flow, Low Friction Formula: It penetrates quickly and helps to extend bearing life
  3. Provides Continued Performance: Keeps you riding faster & longer
  4. Is Non-Corrosive: Displaces water & prevents rust formation All in a 1oz bottle!

1.We recommend cleaning your bearings first using a method you feel most comfortable with to get them clean.
2.Apply a few drops of Skanunu 100% Lube to each bearing set as you would with any other lube.
3.Put everything back together, as you normally would, then head out for a skate!!!