ABEC Pulleys & Bearings

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The ABSOLUTE best upgrade for your electric skateboard. Offering the widest range of gear choices, there’s no doubt you’ll be leading the group rides, and not pulling up the rear.

Official OEM quality parts made from Glass Filled Nylon. These things are STRONG.

Tooth Width: 16mm (Compatible with 15mm Wide Belts)

What's Included:
(2) Pulleys
(2) 10mm Bearings

Wheel Compatibility:
Abec Clones
Cloud Wheels
Evolve Street Wheels

Configured with the new "thicker" spokes in mind to accommodate the new Abec Clone cores. These pulleys still work for the thinner spokes, but a tiny bit of play is present (Not noticeable while riding).

23t Recommended Belt Size :   220mm
29t Recommended Belt Size :   240mm
36t Recommended Belt Size :   255mm

GTR, GTX, Stoke

Own Board:
Zeus, Bamboo AT, W2 Pro

Black Carve 2, Challenger

TRX 2.0/3.0

Blackhawk GTR 2, Blackhawk AT 2, Mini/Mini 2

AT 2

Carbon AT V.2, Bamboo V3S-AT, Carbon G3